Why are So Many Moving from Local Solicitors to Online Conveyancing Firms?

A claim by InfoTrack, a company that provides conveyancing software, has revealed that up to 43% of homeowners in the last year have chosen to use a specialist conveyancing service rather than utilising the services of a local solicitor. The figure is up by 25% in just a three-year period.

Buying a house has always been seen as a stressful period for any home buyer, in any situation, and it seems that the use of a conveyance, with all the expert and specific specialist skills that they have, could be the key to making the whole process as stress-free as possible for buyers.

The study showed that 59% of individuals moving home now look to research conveyancing companies and services in order to gain a quote. This figure was at 24% just three-year ago. Within this data it also seems relevant that more and more people are looking to utilise the web, with online conveyancing firms receiving a fifth of all movers.

Only 8% would have looked to use purely online channels of application, communication and the legal process of a property purchase and/or sale when the last study was conducted three years ago. The change in figures could be down to a number of factors but there are two main reasons why it is such a significant change. The first is that there with a new generation of homebuyers in the market place you now have almost a quarter of buyers (24% to be precise) in the 18-24 age range bracket.

A younger generation of consumers demand more transparency, an easier process of communication and are ever more critical of the customer service angle of any service, especially where large sums of money are being put on the table when it comes to purchasing property. The second main reason behind the shift in data is linked to the younger generation and their connection with solicitors in Chester and beyond.

They are more likely to want to use online channels of communication, and with digital channels becoming more prolific for users of all ages there is now so much more choice of service, whether that is a solicitor or a specialist conveyance. With digital information available at your fingertips, the battle for consumers has become much more aggressive, with the need for fast information that is clear, concise and allows consumers to make an informed decision in the shortest amount of time possible.

Conveyancers and conveyancing solicitors in Chester and around the UK have to embrace digital channels if they wish to stay afloat in the market and keep apace with the younger generation of consumers. Buying a house is a monumental moment in anyone’s life, so it is imperative that all the information from a company is available instantly to potential customers.

Summary: Recent reports suggested that many people looking for conveyancing services are choosing to do so online rather than visiting in-person. Read on for more details on this trend.