Cars and Danger in San Francisco

Cars and Danger in San Francisco

San Francisco is a city like no other. Built in one of the most beautiful places in the world — Northern California — the city is full of architectural wonders, vibrant cultural hotspots, and world-changing companies. San Francisco has more than its share of tourist attractions (and — sometimes unfortunately — tourists) crammed into its small geographic footprint. Those include San Francisco’s iconic cable cars, which mount the famous San Francisco hills in a constant effort to get people from place to place.

Unfortunately, those tourist-crowded cable cars aren’t always the best way for locals to get around. And while the BART has some other options for local commuters, San Francisco’s more than 860,000 locals and its even greater number of commuting workers have plenty of reasons to get behind the wheel of a car or hop in the back of a taxi, Uber, or Lyft.

Combine that with San Francisco’s famously crowded streets, which are teeming with tourists, trolleys, cyclists, and more, and you have a recipe for danger. When you’re on the road in San Francisco, whether you’re in a car, on a bicycle, or simply walking around, you’re at risk.

You’ll want to protect yourself, of course, and you should. You should be wary when walking or cycling the streets of San Francisco, and you should practice defensive driving when you’re behind the wheel. You should be properly insured at all times, and you should never drive drunk. But no matter what you do to keep yourself safe, there’s one factor that you don’t have control over: other people’s negligence.

The mistakes of others can cost you

Like it or not, you are not the only factor in your safety on the roads. And if someone else’s negligence causes an accident that involves you, you could be left with serious financial consequences.

If you’re injured in an accident, the damages don’t stop with your pain and initial treatment. You could end up with a lingering injury that costs you more and more in hospital bills, doctors’ bills, and physical therapy bills over time.

Or you could find that your injury and the time that you spend treating it are interfering with your work. You could lose income because you miss time at work or are less able to perform your work responsibilities. You could even end up losing your job entirely.

All of this could place an enormous financial burden on you — a burden that you never asked for and do not deserve. Thankfully, you have options for making yourself financially whole again after a San Francisco car accident.

Fighting for your rights after a San Francisco car accident

If you are injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you need to protect yourself. Don’t waste time — reach out to a San Francisco car accident lawyer right away and explain your situation. If you have a case, an attorney might be able to help you file suit and win an award or settlement that will rescue your finances from the unfair consequences of an accident that someone else causes.

You should take legal advice only from a trained attorney who is familiar with your case. Set an appointment for a consultation and show up prepared to clearly explain the facts of your case. Bring along any documentation relevant to your case, including things such as police reports from the accident, medical bills related to your injuries, and more. With the proper case and the right attorney, you could recover the funds that you are entitled to.