Save Yourself from a DUI with These Responsible Steps

Save Yourself from a DUI with These Responsible Steps

Getting a DUI can cause many problems in your life, not to mention the legal repercussions that come with one. Drinking and driving will not only put you in harm’s way and potentially bring forth trouble, but it also puts everyone else around you at risk.

If you find yourself at the end of the night debating whether or not you should be driving, your best bet is to find a different ride home. Sometimes, though, we want to go out for a drink or two and still be able to take our vehicle home.

There is no right way to drink and drive. However, if you are smart and responsible about your alcohol consumption, you can have yourself a good night while making it home safely, and legally.

Gilbert DUI attorneys have years of experience with DUI cases. By using some of the following responsible steps, you could save yourself from a life-altering DUI.

Know Your State and Federal Laws            

Although the federal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is .08 (.08 grams of alcohol for every 100ml of blood), the laws around punishment may vary. Your BAC also depends on your weight, size, gender, food consumption, and even your energy levels. Before going out for a night, make sure you are fully aware of the laws around driving while under the influence.

Eat Food While Consuming Alcohol

Avoid drinking alcohol on an empty stomach. If you drink on an empty stomach there’s a better chance of the alcohol having an immediate impact on you and making you feel drunk. Food will help slow down how quickly the alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream.

Eat a nutritional meal before consuming alcohol and throughout the night. This doesn’t mean you can drink as much as you want and still be okay. However, it will slow down the effects of the alcohol a bit more.

Have Some Water

Alcohol dehydrates the body, even though it makes you need to use the bathroom more often. The dehydration is also what adds to your hangover the next morning. Mix in a glass of water every drink or so to help keep your body hydrated.

Know Your Drink

Knowing what you’re drinking doesn’t always mean what type of alcohol you have. It should also mean how much is in your cup. The amount of alcohol in a 12-ounce beer, 5-ounce glass of wine, and 1.5 ounces of 80-proof liquor is roughly the same. If you are drinking doubles of whiskey while your buddy is drinking beer, even if you both had two drinks, you’ve actually drank twice as much alcohol. So, while your friend drinking beer seems reasonable, that won’t mean you are as well. Pay attention to how much alcohol is in your drinks throughout the night.

Know Your Limits

A responsible drinker will know his or her limits. If you are planning to drive and know that after three drinks you start to feel fuzzy, don’t let yourself get to that point. Take into consideration what you’ve been drinking, how quickly, and if you’ve been eating as well.

Knowing your limits could save you from a DUI, and save someone’s life. If you’re ever questioning how much you’ve drank and if you should be driving, call for a ride.